...but there is more...

I'm just going to say that it's been a long day.

I was pretty bored after class. I went to Target, ate dinner, watched TV Land (that's how bored I was). Then around 9 Steph called me to pick her up from class so she didn't have to walk 10 minutes in pitch black. Bethel really needs to get better lighting. It's just not safe. I picked her up, and as I turned around, we hear a "rattle rattle, cktztkes buslksejlaksoi" (that is my car making not good noises). I pull over in front of one of the freshman dorms to find that my exhaust pipe fell off. I am annoyed that my exhaust pipe fell off, but I am even more annoyed that every man - I should say boy because none of them earned the title man from me tonight - I called lacked the willingness to come and help me. Stephanie's boyfriend came and helped us...eventually, but in the mean time we were stranded. Do not think I am a damsel in distress, because I am not. I knew what was wrong: my exhaust pipe fell off. I knew how to fix it: I needed some wire (or a wire hanger) to temporarily tie it up with so it didn't drag on the ground to create sparks. I did not need a man, I needed a wire hanger, but no men could even take the time out of their evenings to deliver one, and Lord knows women don't have women hangers because they do not keep the clothes as nice as plastic or wood hangers. I don't know what I'm more upset about: my stupid car being broken or the Bethel Boys' inability to man up.

I apologize for my mood. It is obviously out of line, and I am sorry. Please pray that I can have a good attitude, and that my car can be fixed very inexpensively. I am broke, and cranky, and want to cry. It's too late in the evening for me to deal with car stuff.

On that note...good night.

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