Just the beginning...

So I started the first day of school today. I haven't even started classes yet. I have only attended the class that I am TA-ing for: Methods of Communication Research. I love it...it makes me want to go to Grad School. That is a scary thought.

I have a lot of things to comment on already today.

1) The walk from my apartment to class takes over 8 minutes. I will have nice legs by the end of the semester...unless, of course, I decide to give up on this cardio thing and take the shuttle that runs every half hour.

2) I saw a girl that lead on a good friend of mine today. I glared at her, but I think it was too late for her to see. Mean girl.

3) A girl waved at me, and then once she realized that I was not who she thought I was she avoided eye contact. I saw her ten minutes later and she still avoided eye contact. Poor thing.

4) I got lost trying to find the class I TA for. Finally I found a student in the class, who was also late, and he helped me find it. When I walked in Nancy (aka Dr. Brule) asked me to write my contact info on the board then proceded to tell the class that if they wanted to date me that they could get my number/email/PO Box on the board. Perfect. Luckily I knew most the class and they found it as amusing as Nancy did.

5)I walked into Market after Comm Research expecting to sit with Ashley. Then I realized that she graduated. I was very sad.

6) People thought my outfit was cute today...thanks to Mr. Fashion.

7) My coffee date was a half hour late...typical. I sat in Market looking like I had no friends. So I organized my planner and put all of the weddings/showers/engagement parties in. Barf.

More to come as I actually get on with classes.

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