Tonight was ultimate procrastination.

After skipping both my classes today (one I actually went to for five minutes), I went to a group meeting. After which I came back to my room to make dinner and sit down to homework. As usual, I got distracted while making dinner, and ended up watching a Barbara Streisand movie on AMC and baking cookies.

On a different note:
I'm thinking about going to grad school. It is a very new thought, and not well developed. If I did it, I would go next fall. Growing up is so scary. I don't feel old enough to get my masters, but it would be wonderful! I could spend however long researching and writing and whatnot. My advisor talked to me about it today, and thought that I would be able to get into some of the better grad schools. Who knows. For now, it's just another thing to pray about.

I'm just contemplating about the Barbara Streisand movie I just watched. It was weird. Babs (as I like to call her) was a jewish girl in early century Europe who wanted to study the Bible, but she couldn't because she was a woman. So she cut her hair and dressed like a boy and became a scholar who fell in love with her study partner who was in love with some one else. The girl he was in love with wasn't allowed to marry him so he convinced Babs' character to marry the girl so he could be close to her. Because Babs was so respectful to the girl in marriage (meaning she didn't force herself upon her...obviously because she wasn't a man) the girl fell in love with Babs. So Babs loved the boy who loved the girl who loved Babs. Babs finally told they guy that she was a woman and he got mad then when she told him she loved him, he reciprocated the feelings and admitted that he had been afraid to touch her before because he had feelings for her even when he thought she was a he. Turns out Babs didn't want to marry him because he wanted her to quit studying after marriage so the guy married the girl and Babs moved to America. It was a love triangle at it's best.

That's all folks...


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