Loving Ashley

Ashley's here to visit! That makes me so happy. I've even letting her take pictures of me which, due to the fact that I didn't shower today, I will later untag on facebook.

We went to Famous Dave's for dinner tonight. I always enjoy FD. Yes, I eat there enough to call it FD. I forgot what else I had to say about our trip to FD. I'll post later if I think about it.

The grad school venture is still in my mind. Have I even mentioned that? Well, my advisor is trying to convince me to go to grad school next fall. I love research, so why not? Anyway, the only problem is that there aren't very many grad schools for Communication Studies, specifically Interpersonal Communication Interaction, in MN. So I am trying to first narrow it down by looking for schools that are in cities that also have a GCM church, then deciding which of those cities I wouldn't mind moving to, then seeing which of those schools are small and waive tuition for their students who have assistantships. After all of that I will need decide whether or not this is something that is actually right for me. It's all a scary thought.

Oy Vay.

Off to play with Ashley!

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