Burn, baby, burn

Our room smells funny. It has since we moved in.

We bought an apple cinnamon plug-it-in thing. However, the one scented object in the outlet in the corner in the room does not give out enough of a scent to overpower or mute the stench of what smells like an old diaper. Bummer.

My mom bought me a candle that was on sale at Target. Do not buy candles on sale at target. They are on sale for a reason. I lit it, and the wick burns faster than the wax melts. So that does not work either. I need to get a candle that burns. We are not supposed to have candles at all because it is apparently a fire hazard. Bahumbug. Our current candle is definitely not a fire hazard because it doesn't burn.

I'm off to my smelly room.

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