Kate Sims

Many of you know Katherine Paige Sims (aka Kate Sims).  She is my dearest and oldest friend.  She is brilliant, bold and beautiful.  She is a wonderful girl who keeps me grounded.  I am forever thankful for her.  Those of you who know her remember her back in the...wait for it...xanga days.  Even as a high schooler she entertained us with her wit and her charm.  Even the most mundane things turned into an adventure as we read them through Kate's writings.  Kate, do you remember writing about your pencil case when you lived in Belgium.  I remember that post and wish I could find it to use it to prove a point.  Anyway, Kate is back by popular demand...by my demand.  Yes, she has created a new blog.  However, there are only two posts.  The point of this post is to perhaps create enough readership so that she feels obligated to post more frequently.  Let her know you are listening.  You can find her blog (myth retold) linked on the side of my blog under Katherine Paige.  

Now a personal message to my BFF:
I am sorry, but I couldn't help it.  I love you.
Sarah Jean

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