Egg McMuffins

I just got my oil changed and while I was waiting I went to McDonalds to have my quiet time and get some coffee/breakfast (I have never had McDonalds breakfast before, and I probably won't make it a habit). When I was there I was the only woman and the only person under 55. I took a back corner table near a larger table of old men. As I sat, attempting to read Genesis, I listened to their conversations; there were a couple going on. One man was talking about an old friend of his from Seminary, another man was cracking jokes such as, "I wonder if my commemorative Obama plate will come in the mail today." After the men around him sat in silence for a bit he slapped his knee and said, "Just kidding. Hey, why didn't they make Bush bobble heads?"  It was about half way through their geography trivia that they acknowledged my existence.  I my Harvard sweatshirt on - the one I bought off the streets of Boston when I visited Kate a couple falls ago.  I'm not sure if they actually thought if I went to Harvard, but they kept referring to it when they would get one of their trivia questions wrong.  They were sweet men.  The man who joked about the Obama plate saw my Bible and said above everyone else's chatter, "Well it looks like Harvard is reading the greatest book ever sold." I looked up at him and simply smiled and said, "Sure am!"  Another man brought the pot of coffee over to top me off and made sure my cream was just right.  They invited me back to join them on Monday morning, however I won't be around.  Too bad.  It felt so small town, but in the heart of Suburbia.  I kind of like that.  

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The Colonel said...

Was it the one off of France & Old Shakopee? If so I've had similar experiences. Everytime I've been there for breakfast (which is only a handful of times) I've been the youngest by at least 35 years. But the more mature folks were always gracious and happy to share their haven of horrible breakfast food.

Also, my "word verification" for posting this comment is "doolitch" - I wonder what the word means...