Back to Kindergarten

I was going to go and visit my mom at Bethany because she is subbing for Miss Wilson's Kindergarten class and I just love 5 year olds.  However, my grandma has a friend over and her car is in my way and I don't want to ask her to move it.  Therefore I will wait.  

Literally just as I wrote that last sentence, Joni (grandma's friend) asked if I needed her to move her car.  Now I've started writing this, so I'm still going to wait.

Things have been sort of hectic here at Grandmas.  We've had multiple visitors over the past couple of days.  The nurses at the nursing home say he will probably die with in the week.  Praise Jesus!  Sometimes people look at me with confusion when I react that way towards his anticipated death.  How could I not?  He was a smart, godly man who loved his family and was generous with everyone he met, and now his body and mind are failing.  Like I've mentioned before, it is about time he gets a new mind and body.  I don't mean for any of this to be depressing, but watching him die is beautiful.  It is just so peaceful and natural, the way I would want to go if I wanted to be old.  For me, I'm just hoping for the good Lord's return.  Please keep my grandma in your prayers as she goes through this process of losing her soul mate.  Please pray for me that I will find opportunities to bless Gloria.  Sometimes I just don't know how to respond to her sadness or know how to serve her best.  I just want to take all other burdens off her.  Gloria is an amazing woman.

I had something else to say, but I can't quite remember what exactly it was.  Whatever it was can't possibly be that important in comparison to the thought of entering into eternity.  I'll fly away.

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