Flight 155 from Minneapolis to Seattle

I'm in the Seattle airport waiting for my shuttle to arrive.   Now is a good time to share some things about my flight this morning.  

I had perfect timing.  By the time I got to the F10 gate and sat down for less than 30 seconds, the flight attendant announced that they would now be boarding all passengers.  Sweet.

I had an entire row of seats to myself.  I was sitting next to an older couple - the husband was quite overweight and this causes inconvenience when flying coach.  They spotted an exit row, which has more leg room, that was not being occupied so they left me by myself.  

I read The Bell Jar the entire flight.  It is a book I've started to read half a dozen times, but every time I tell someone I'm reading it, they tell me it's depressing...good, but depressing.  I do not enjoy being depressed so I don't read any more.  After the flight, I am far enough in to stay committed to the read.

I got confused trying to find the baggage claim.  They use very few words on their signs, mostly symbols.  I just guessed.  Luckily the train did in fact lead me to the baggage claim.

After my long journey to baggage claim I went to get a bagel and an impulse purchase of chocolate milk.  After paying I walked around the corner to find an empty table.  Instead of an empty table, I found one with Brad Fendler sitting at it.  I see him about 3 to 4 times a year, and of course I would run into him in Seattle.

That brings me to where I am now.  Sitting at a table with three too many chars huddled around it and next to the rack of travel brochures and a giant fake rock, waiting for the shuttle to Tulalip, WA.

I love the airport.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha...that's great...brad fendler in seattle...at an empty table...i love brad fendler...God is SO good with the coincidences of life...Love Him, and love Brad.
Have a great auctioneering time.