Busy and Broke

9:00 - Wake up and shower and get ready.
10:00 - Work on PowerPoint for Pine Harbor Christian Academy Auction.
1:00 - Interview for part-time nanny job.
2:00 - Work at BE.
7:00 - Meet with BJT about website and to catch up.
After that - Work on PowerPoint more...it must be done by tomorrow.

Oy Vay, for being so broke, I sure do a lot of work.  

Pray for Nate; he's waiting to hear on an internship.
Pray for Laura; she's waiting to hear on a job.
Pray for Me; I'm interviewing and will be waiting to hear on a job.
Pray for Amanda; she needs a car stat.
Pray for Daddy; still needs a job.
Pray for Kate; she needs focus to finish this semester.  She comes home soon!
Pray for everyone else I'm forgetting; they have stuff that needs prayer.

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I believe in truth, action and the cocktail hour said...

Pray for the world because it's beautiful, though tragic.

I love you.