Ellie will not stop baking. I'm not sure if I'm upset about it or happy. There is a good and bad to everything.

Ellie's baking: good vs. bad...
Good: She may be the best baker in the world.
Bad: She does not eat many of her own baking products...apparently baking them satisfies her need for something sweet.
Good: That means more for me.
Bad: That means more for me. My little sister, who is already a half foot taller than me, is trying to make me fat. Hence the Tubby title. eh.

I wish I had an auction coming up.

I have my first conference call today for my job. I feel so grown up.

Now, I am going to go sit in my porch and enjoy the sunshine with a cookie, a diet coke, and my Beth Moore Bible Study. I love my days off!

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Anonymous said...

cookie...diet coke....ha ha