I do enjoy living with my grandma. Fox News is always on. I have never before in my life been so up to date on politics. It's all she talks about. So if I spew my political opinion, please note that it is my grandma's. Side note: I have a George W. Bush calendar in my room. Anyway, she is great company. Plus she tells me funny stories from her life. Maybe I'll post those sometime.

Like every good thing there is a "but" to this matter. So here it goes:

I love my grandma and I like living with her, but there I am so hungry. Don't get me wrong, we do have breakfast together every morning which usually consists of cereal or toast with fresh fruit and coffee. I think that is the only meal she eats though. There is very little food in her pantries. I went to make dinner tonight and I looked for something easy to make like packaged noodles, soup, pizza, etc. Then I realized that she had bread so I went to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but the cheese was moldy. Then I noticed she had rye, corned beef, and thousand island dressing and I got excited because I love reubens. But the corned beef expired a week ago and I remembered that she brought a reuben dip to Easter so I figured it was all pretty old. Then she had egg beaters - you know, the fake egg in a carton - I thought I could settle for fake scrambled eggs. Then as the pan was heating up, I realized she had no Pam to spray the pan with (it was not a nonstick pan). So I got in my car and went to Lunds. I got out of my car, stood up, realized that I have spent nearly $40 on food this past week - obviously because my grandma has no food - I sat back in my car and drove to my parents house to eat a black bean burger on an english muffin. Ufda.

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