I hate the DMV. It's like the entire system around the DMV is set up to frustrate people. I had to go renew my driver's license today. I know, I know, my birthday was in May, but my mom told me that they would send me a notice to renew my license and that I couldn't get it done with out it. Well, they never sent me a notice, so I went in today to get it renewed - seeing as my license has been expired for nearly a month. Anyway, here's what happened...it is so typical:

I showed up, and noticed I was the only car in the lot. Score! No picking a number, and not waiting. It wasn't even closed. I thought that the gods were smiling on me today. However I was wrong. On the door it stated "We do not accept credit cards." Who the hell doesn't accept credit cards? Don't people usually just not accept checks? Anyway, I found a local ATM, but it wouldn't accept my pin number. So then I drove to Wells Fargo and got some cash to pay for it. By the time I got back to the DMV, a whole slew of cars had pulled up, and I was forced to pick a number. The number thing said 25, and I had picked 31. So I waited, and waited and waited. Then it was my turn, and nothing went wrong, but the idea of the DMV just annoys me. My picture is kind of nice, and I am now an organ doner (three snaps for Sarah Jean)!

I needed to get my tabs renewed too, but I couldn't afford to renew both today. I hate being broke. Yuck.

If I had to choose between going to the dentist or the DMV, I would choose the dentist hands down. At least they have fish and magazines while you wait.

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