School's out for the summer...sort of.

I handed in my last final on Wednesday night. What have I been doing with my summer thus far? Let me tell you...

1) I worked...once. I go back again tonight, but for the most part I will be working very little this summer.
2) I went back to Bethel...twice, in three days. And because I still have to pay a bill there and register for another class for the fall, I will be back again soon, no doubt.
3) I got a new low E string for my autoharp. Good news though. I just assumed that I would have to get the entire thing restrung, but apparently autoharp strings don't stretch the way guitar strings do, so unless they snap (which they shouldn't), I don't need to replace them. What I thought would be $100 ended up being $1.49, and my mom paid for it! I plan on getting really good on the autoharp this summer.
4) I organized my life. Seriously, it's beautiful. I can not function when things are all over the place. I went through all of my clothes and split them into piles: fall (bring to school in August), fall/winter (for later in the fall), summer must-haves (things I will keep at my Grandmas with me this summer), summer I-might-want-at-some-points (things that I will keep at home where they are out of the way and yet easy to access), donate, and wash. AMAZING. I also organized/threw away all of my nick-nacks. I hate having unnecessary stuff around. Basically I am set for this summer, and when I need to move back to Bethel in the fall all I need to do is grab my pre-packed bins of "school stuff" and go. You have no idea how good it feels!
5) I bought my books for my summer class. One on Amazon and one at Borders. I haven't recieved the one from Amazon yet, but I absolutely love the book I got from Borders. I'm taking Gender Communication and my prof had us get America's Women: 400 years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines by Gail Collins. I started it, and by started it I mean I read the introduction. Anyway, I like her style of writing, plus it puts together history, which I love, and women, which I happen to be one, so that is wonderful. I was really tempted to e-mail Dr. Brule (aka Nancy) and ask her to post her syllabus online so I could start my readings. But then I thought that was a little too nerdy, even for me.

Wow...Quite the update. Real quick...I move into my grandma's house this week. Why? Because I have no bedroom at home, and my parents would have put me in the garage again. Also because my grandpa is now in the nursing home, and my grandma needs company. It should be nice.

Until next time,
Sarah Jean

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