I Heart X-Mas

I love Chistmas. It seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.

My hall of girls has spent the past 2 days turning our hall into the most beautiful gingerbread house in the whole wide world. It was our theme for the annual Christmas Decorating Contest! We had awkward time of open dorms where guys (and gals I guess) could come through and view our mad decorating skills. I honestly am not a fan of having boys in our dorms. All I wanted to do tonight was sit in my bed and watch "I love Lucy" reruns, but instead I had to attempt to entertain a bunch of guys who I've only met once, and act like I was happy to see them. I spent all afternoon baking cookies for this thrilling event. NO: it was not my famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, but just some slice and bake sugar cookies I picked up at Krogers the night before. Never fear...they were frosted with sprinkles. Once people started showing up, I stopped offering the cookies, left my door open (because it's required during open dorm times for certain reasons), turned off all the lights that weren't classified as "twinkle" or "Christmas" lights, popped in the "I love Lucy" reruns and layed in my bed to watch them. It was quite nice. I was able to socialize, yet be in the comfort of my cozy 11x13 dorm room decorated with ripped out pages from the Christmas Cookie edition of Martha Stewart Living. Hmmm. Christmas is good...even in Ohio.


PaigeMarieSims said...
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PaigeMarieSims said...

I don't know why my first comment was deleted. I don't even know if you got to read it. I feel like my speech has been limited and I didn't even get a reason as to why, so I'm not very excited about that. The fact of the matter is this: I need to talk to you badly. Email me your number when you get the chance. I love you Sarah, and never forget that you are AMAZING!