Bob the Builder

Bethel is building a new student center. This is not a new venture; the project started at the beginning of August. I have kept very close tabs on this project because it is directly outside my window.

This entire year I have been awakened to the lovely sounds of big construction machinery backing up. You know the sound: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. It's like setting an alarm for 6:45 every morning but NEVER being able to turn it off!

It has been getting progressively more awkward as the student center has been built from the ground up. They are currently working on the third level, which happens to be at eye level with my apartment. I have to make sure my blinds are closed when I get dressed, which is kind of annoying because I would much prefer to have my windows wide open when I'm naked.

Sometimes we watch them. I know that sounds creepy, and rightfully so. It's called procrastination though. We have even named some of them. There is one construction worker with an especially nice jaw line who we have named Jack. Today Jack realized that we were watching them and then he dropped his hat...twice. Turns out he has quite the receding hairline.

Keep reading for more updates on the Bethel Student Center.

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