A blustery day...

I went to Caribou today with Stephanie to work on homework. Always a good idea, right? Generally we don't get much accomplished, but it seemed like a good day to get a nice cool beverage. So anyway, we're sitting there when all of a sudden we look out the window to find that there is a metal shopping cart cruising through the parking lot. No one is pushing it. It is being moved only by wind power. It was super windy today...so windy that I had to walk backwards at times. Anyway, by this time everyone in Caribou has fixed their eyes upon the magic metal cart, most of us laughing at the thought of it coming from no where. Once it moved out of my sight, I got up to watch it roll through the lot. Just as I get out of my seat, someone said, "What if it hits a car?...haha." That's when I notice it is going full speed right towards the shaggin wagon. For those of you who do not know, the "shaggin wagon" is my 1992 Honda Accord Station Wagon. Then smack! And I say, "Damnit, it was my car!" So I go outside to check out the new dent on my car and move the grocery cart to a safe and not-so-windy spot.

Then I laughed at what had just happend. Life happens.

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