So it rained tonight...Amazing! I had just said earlier today that I wanted a thunderstorm, and low and behold there was one. I went downstairs to say hello to a friend of mine, and as I was helping him fold his laundry we decided to go play in the rain. Play in the rain? Honestly, I wasn't sure I knew how to play in the rain anymore. When I was little I would just play with toy boats in the gutter or hold a cute umbrella. But I'm nearly 19 now. Jumping in puddles just didn't have the same appeal. So we grabbed a frizbee and headed out side where we found some other guys jumping off the little bridge on Bethel's campus into the creek and they would body surf down the creek. It looked so fun. As the rain let up we found some friends sliding down a mud slide into a giant puddle. That was fun. SIDE NOTE: Growing up I was a very cautious, and clean child :END NOTE. I was covered in mud from head to toe. I felt so freed....Amazing.

Also, conversations with a few close friends at the end of a dock in the middle of the night covered in mud could be one of the most fulfilling experiences ever.

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Ben J said...

That sounds dirrty... no really, all that mud must have been dirty... literally... is it awkward yet? no??? ok well I'll stop trying