We were merely Freshmen

Oh gracious... I live at Bethel University now, it's sad that I haven't even come close to touching this thing since before I moved. Quick update: I love my roommates Gwen and LeRoyce (I know what you're thinking, but she actually is white). My classes are ok. I feel like all I do is read. I read and read and read, and when I'm done I have class and get assigned more to read. Fancy that. Well I guess this is what it's supposed to feel like. Yeah that's pretty much my life right now. But now for what I really had to say.

All college freshmen are alike. Actually all freshman are alike. Highschool freshmen try to be like what they think regular highschoolers act like, when they are not mature enough to do so. While college freshmen try to act all adult like most college students, when they aren't ready for the responsibility that goes along with it. At Cedarville, my dorm was not really freshman housing, but now at Bethel I live on what is dubbed the "Freshman Hill" and oh boy is it eventful. Where the girls dress like highschoolers, the boys act like toddlers, and their parents all sit back and pray that this will be the year their babies will mature. Will it ever happen? I will have to see next year, when they're all sophomores.

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