Bucks and Boots

So I recieved my UGG boots in the mail. Yeah the ones I ordered a MONTH ago. It's funny how I can be so in love with a pair of boots that put the UGG in UGGly. Maybe it's the comfort factor. Yeah. That's it.

Big Buckeye v. Michigan game today! I'm not watching it because I am spending my Saturday studying for my Bio test on Monday! Let's see if I can pass this one. Did you know the little Buckeye mascott has a name? He does...it's Bruetus (HM?). People in Ohio are crazy when it comes to Buckeye Football. They seriously idolize it. Heaven forbid that you may step infront of the TV during the game, because there is a very likely chance that you may be hurt by your friends and family. Yesterday I walked into my Biology class late (it's 8 am, give me a break) and everyone was standing up listening to a song. Unsure of the song at first, I put my hand over my heart. Then I realized what we were giving our respects to...OSU. It was definitely the OSU fight song. Professor Jones then explained why he did this, and I quote, "I was walking past one of the nursing classes the other day when they were taking a test, and up on the power point was Michigan State. And I thought to myself 'How can anyone take a test in this sort of learning environment' So now I'm getting my payback!" I am so thankful that I have a Biology professor that cares about my learning environment. He's so thoughtful to get us all smart by soluting the Buckeyes! Oh Boy.


MrKnox said...

i'm glad you converted. hey you're coming home soon aren't you?

MrKnox said...

yes, by soon i did mean christmas....that like less than a month from now

Chris Dugan said...

hey "Haras" is Sarah spelled backwards. I've cracked the Whitson code!